Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Hem Jeans (And still look cool...)

So...a few months, maybe a year ago, I scored big with some on sale (clearance) jeans from Ann Taylor Loft. I love me some Loft clothes and clearance is the best way for me to get them!

The only problem with these jeans is that they are, oh...about 4 inches too long! And I'm not a shorty, either! Guess I discovered why they were on clearance.

I had to hem them or it was a complete waste to get them. Enter lots of on-line research...because the way I know how to hem pants is the way I learned to in 6th grade Home Ec, and, although it gets it done...Ew!!

Here's how to do it:

Disclaimer: I am a newbie sewer, my lines are not straight, the directions are not perfect...but I hope they help you!
First, put the jeans on.

Fold each pant leg one giant roll up so that the bottom of the leg of the jean (bottom of the roll) is where you want the jean's length to be.

Pin it. Anywhere. Just pin it so that roll/cuff stays in place.

Get your neglected scary trusty sewing maching out.

Your stitching will be up against the original hem to the jeans. (Actually, this will continue to be the hem of the jeans...pretty cool, huh?)

Straight stitch around the cuff right up against the hem. (The stitch that looks like ---- on your machine.)

Now, when you're finished with both legs, fold the cuff the right way in. Just tuck the extra fabric into the leg of the jeans.

Try them on again.

If the jeans are at the length where you need them to be, you can do one of two things.
1. Cut the extra cloth off
2. Keep it tucked up there (if it's not too much)

Voila! See...you CAN be cool with hemmed jeans!

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