Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Refrigerator Dump Out

Today, I am going to take a page from the Littlests and leave my refrigerator door open for an extended period of time. I am going to finally go through all the junk in my fridge and freezer and throw out what is expired and make some room for organization! (Or make it more of a challenge for the leftovers when they attempt to overtake me in my sleep...some are really that old!)

...Suggestion one: When cleaning out your freezer, wear gloves! Brrr!!

...Suggestion two: As quickly as you can, immediately after opening the fridge door, put ALL THINGS BREAKABLE on the top shelf. Just personal experience here folks, these little hands are too fast!

...Suggestion three: Anything with a soft wrap, ie, something that someone (who shall remain nameless) might BITE through, should also be put on the top shelf. Good-bye Pillsbury cookies, how I would have loved to partake in thee!

...Suggestion four: If the color of the object you are looking at is no longer the 'correct' color, don't smell it, don't taste it, just junk it! (Texas Pete is NOT supposed to be yellow, right?)

...Suggestion five: If the expiration date of the object in your hands is older than your oldest child, you should do this more often. (Note to self...)



Before Pics:


After Pics:

It feels good, a catharsis.
Won't you join me and clean out your fridge?

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Lil Man and Mommy said...

I have to do this every few weeks or things just get out of hand! I hate that the freezer sections are so tiny. What if I wanted to shove a frozen pizza (which is all kinds if crazy healthy) in there? :)

Cute blog. New follower.