Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Toilet paper rolls and Excessive flushing

This morning, as I participated in our daily ritual of putting on my make-up, a thought occurred to me. First, let me explain why putting on make-up is our daily ritual. It generally consists of my standing in front of the powder room mirror, one leg raised so that my foot is resting squarely on the top of the commode and the other leg stretched behind me just so that I can catch any door from being slammed on unsuspecting fingers.

Yes, his shoes are on over his pajamas...he LOVES his shoes!

One of the littlests is usually practicing some sort of intense step aerobics on the stool which is, conveniently between my awkwardly stanced leg. Up and down, up and down, jammering away at his refelection in the mirror. Occassional reprimands, or as they have come to be know to the children, suggestions, flow from my mouth in the form of "leave the toilet paper roll alone", "stop flushing the potty", and "keep your fingers out of your brother's eyes". Good times.

Today, I decided, was the day to talk with the boys. I was halfway through my make-up when it was all too much. I closed the door, sallied up to the halfway unrolled toilet paper roll (obviously a slow day for the boys) and began to re-roll it. I started my speech as I was working. "Now boys, Mommy doesn't like having to re-roll this paper every day. The roll never quite looks right. There are 10,000 toys that you could be playing with while Mommy puts on her make-up. After all, I have timed myself, it only takes 6 minutes if you leave me alone. Get it?"

The stared blankly at me. Then, the littlest littlest opened his mouth. "Dada?"

Yep...I think I'll have to have this conversation again.

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