Monday, January 24, 2011

Organizing Tip of the Day - Charging Drawer

Kitchen counters.

Cluttered kitchen counters.

The thorn in my side.

How is it that I accumulate so.much.stuff. on my kitchen counters? From pacifiers that fell on the floor and need to be boiled, to unopened mail, to tiny toys, to charging cell phones...eek!

Today is the day that I deal with at least one of the culprits. The charging cell phones and camera batteries.

A few months ago, Prince Charming and I scored a HUGE deal on this side table:

You just love the extension cord, don't you? Ha!

It was a scratch and dent and they gave it to us for 60% off! Yippee! It now sits in our kitchen, under the television, waiting for a time when the kids aren't so busy and I can display adorable vignettes for every season, holiday and mood I am in. Some day the kids will slow down a little, right? Hello? Hmm...

Back to organizing!

How about a charging drawer? A drawer where, hidden from human eyes and Goldfish cracker dusted fingers, cell phones and camera batteries can charge in peace?

I had Prince Charming drill a hole through the back of one of the drawers. The smart man even trimmed the plug so that the hole didn't have to be so big. Brilliant!

We then thread an extension cord through the hole, and it was done! Just plug in the phones, battery charger, etc. and we are a go.

Only one wire coming from the back of the drawer...what a wire mess relief. tiny corner of the kitchen counters is empty. The battle has just begun! Watch out clutter, I'm on a roll!



Jennifer Juniper said...

I need this because the number of chargers is larger than the number of people in my house. The chargers are taking over!

Holly said...

What a great idea! Chargers do seem to take over, don't they? Love your plan for keeping them out of sight!
Thanks for joining the party!

Holly said...

Do me a favor and add my link to your post, okay? Thanks.

FrouFrouBritches said...

What a great idea! I, too, have a kitchen cabinet that is cluttered with stuff - especially mail and paperwork. This is a brilliant idea! I'm here from Holly's party.

Holly said...

Thanks, Meg!