Tuesday, March 8, 2011

...Simplify...(and a Challenge)


This seems to be the new "Hot" word in Blogland right now. Maybe it's just the blogs I frequent...maybe I notice it because it is what I crave.

I am working to simplify my life.
To try and escape the undue pressures I put on both myself and my sweet husband.
To relish in the beautiful life we are in.
To marvel at the tiny lives which we held a small part in creating.
To be thankful for all that we have.
For all that we are...

When I was younger, life seemed so simple, so easy. My parents were devoted to my siblings and myself. My bedroom sat as a place where I could be me, it was a safe haven. And, on those days when alone-time just wasn't cutting it, my parents' laps provided me with unquestioning love and comfort.

The Cosby Show, Family Ties and Full House were on television. Problems were always solved within thirty minutes on those shows. In fact, all my "little girl" problems seemed as though they could be solved just as easily.

I didn't pay any attention to the brand jeans I was wearing or what my parents were driving. My best friends had good hearts, good souls and questionable fashion sense. I never noticed...until I became an adult and looked back at pictures! :)

I always had enough.
I felt safe.
I was humble.
I was loved.
I loved.

I am trying to get back to that place.

I want my children to be children. To play with dolls and cars and not worry about what if's. That's my job, their father's job.

I want my children's memories of childhood to be about the time their parents spent with them, the silly things, the little things, the quirky habits and the laughter we all share.

This year, I am simplifying life. I am going through every.single.thing in this house and I am deciding right then and there if it will make life "better" for my children and my family. If not...to the donation pile it goes!

I heard of an idea on the internet about 40 days to get rid of the extra things in your life. It was by a blogger, when I find her again, I will link to her...

Starting Ash Wednesday (this Wednesday), there will be 40 days (how long the Lenten season is) of purging and simplifying. My goal is to have 40 trash bags of donation-worthy things by Easter.

I will be coming up with a list of places to simplify for this challenge and will link up soon...

Won't you join me for
40 Days to Simplify?

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