Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Year in Photos - How I Keep Our Memories

Before I had children, I was the worst when it came to actually taking photos and storing them in "pretty" places such as albums, frames, etc.

Now that children have entered the picture ..(get it?)..I have over 200 photos a month to find something to do with. Each is precious, each is a special memory and I would love to keep each within reaching distance if I were to want to see a specific birthday, Christmas, event, etc.

With that many photos, traditional albums get pretty pricey, not to mention the amount of space that would take up. I don't have that much room to spare!

I now make my own photo books for every year!

It's a great tradition at the beginning of the year, to load all the pictures into an album on a photo sharing site (I use It takes almost no time at all, as I have already uploaded the pictures to the site as the year has passed.

I generally select a fairly simple 5x7 Everyday Book. Boring Black works.

The first page always says the year.

The photos are then randomly placed, in order of the months, into pages and pages of beautiful memories.

There are almost always codes that help to save a TON of $$ on these books - especially in the end or very beginning of the year.

Even without a code, they run about $60...which isn't cheap, but saves a lot when you think of how much it would have cost to print each of those pictures out individually and put them in albums...and then buying a bigger house to fit all the albums in! ;)

...And, the great thing is...when the grandparents saw what I was doing, they said they wanted one, too! Christmas Present checked off the list!


How do you keep your memories?

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Organize with Sandy said...

Great plan! It is much quicker than an entire scrapbook album which many of us never get done because we don't have the time.
Thanks for linking this up to my Organizing Mission link party