Friday, March 18, 2011

Tips for Simplifying/De-Cluttering

Some of you, my dear friends, have expressed to me concern about how to even begin the Simplifying Process. I know that it can seem can you even find the time with little ones/husbands/work on your mind, on your leg, in your arms all the time? Believe me, I know and feel your worries and furstrations. I've been thinking up some "pointers", and here they are!

  • Little by Little - Simplifying doesn't have to be done all at once! Start in small intervals and small goals. 10 minutes at a time will make a big dent in the clutter.
  • Remember, more likely than not, it's going to look MUCH worse before it gets better. Keep pushing through!
  • Take care of yourself. If you feel overwhelmed during this challenge, step back. The entire goal of this challenge is to make your life simpler, easier, more enjoyable. Keep the big picture in mind.
  • When deciding about whether to keep something, ask yourself simple questions:  Will it/does it make life easier/better? Will I feel incredible guilt if I give it away? Do I feel good when I wear it? Do I feel good when I see this in my home? Is this a good representation of myself/my family/my home?
  • Break up the projects into smaller ones. If de-cluttering the "kitchen" makes you feel faint, change the way you attack it. De-Clutter the tupperware one day, the pantry the next, the refrigerator the third day, etc. There is no time limit to simplifying...
  • Remember to play. You are human. You need a rest and your family, partner and pets need you, too. Take breaks, go outside, have family night. Try not to let it consume you...although, when you get on a roll, it's hard not too!
Now, take a deep breath, go outside, give someone you love a kiss and remember how much better/easier your life is going to be after this simpl,ifying is over. I know you can do it.

Small time increments.
Small goals.
Small areas.

Keep it simple!

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miyuki said...

Good ideas! Now if I could only get motivated......