Sunday, February 27, 2011

$20 Couch Makeover

This Couch.

It's been with me since 1997.

We've moved 7 times (I think). Three dogs, three kids and a hubby have all been introduced to it.

It looks alright for being 14 years old, doesn't it?

It's just...well...not our style anymore.

The budget is also a little small for buying a new couch.

So...I went to Tar-jay (ie: Target) and found a clearance slipcover for $19.98. Cha-ching!

Here's the make-over:

1. I pulled the skirt off. Can you say A LOT of staples? Jeez!

2. Pulled all remaining staples out with pliers.

3. I stretched, pulled, tucked and tugged the slipcover on so that it best fit the couch. and, here it is!

So, for comparison's sake:

 Now, to convince hubby-dear that we need to paint the walls and his desk that are in the same room...hmmm...

Oh! And some throw pillows!



TexaGermaNadian said...

Looks so good! You are amazing at these jobs :)

Anonymous said...

looks great.. nice start! :)