Sunday, February 6, 2011

Her Own Style

Little Miss is the most amazing little girl in the entire world. It's true! You can ask her! :)

Tuesday morning was our grocery shopping day last week. It was cold, rainy and just a yuck day. Nobody really felt like going out, but...we were out of bananas and, anyone that has children knows you CAN'T run out of bananas!

So, the process of dressing the children began. The Littlests were playing a nice game of chase with me...I am forever "it" - and they are getting faster every day. So, as I was racing around the den and playroom, Little Miss told me she was "going to do {me} a favor and get dressed all by myself!"

Okay, that's great! I said, halfway looking at her while the Littlests were playing a game of "King of the Mountain" on my back.

Ready to go out the door, I summoned for the troops and that's when I saw her.

 How cute is she??

Let me give you the run-down on that gorgeous outfit: pajamas underneath her skirted polka-dotted bathing suit. Rain hat with pink and white flowers. Sparkly red shoes.

She looked perfect.

And put a smile on every.single.person's face at the store.

And put a smile on my heart, too!

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