Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do You Know What Color Your Floor Is (Supposed To Be?)

Moving into this home 9 months ago, we fell in love with the kitchen. Something about it being light and bright. I vaguely remember the floor being light, too.

Between three little ones, a big galoot of a dog, a hubby and one tired Mama...I have forgotten what color the floor really is. Or rather, what the grout color is supposed to be.

On a total whim this morning, I took out my trusty Shaklee H2 cleaner and Scour Off, a scrub brush, a towel and a cup of water (to rinse my brush off).

What I am about to share with you is of a very personal nature...and could be a bit embarrassing... 

Please don't judge me! :)

Before - Brown/Tan (?) Grout

Now, we got to work.

**Note to any lawyers out, this is not child labor. Little Miss asked me if she could help! It was so cute, and she did a great job! {All 25 seconds she scrubbed} -- I love that little girl! :) 


I am fairly new to Shaklee, but I have to say that I {heart} this stuff!

I thought that I would need the "Big Gun" at first, so I busted out Scour off. Which is the *most* amazing stuff ever. It has renewed my love of my glass top stove. I can finally get it clean! And it's made of...cherry pits! It smells divine!

...It worked awesomely...

Then I thought I would try the H2 Cleaner. I must say that I was actually surprised how well this worked... I shouldn't have been. I sprayed it onto the grout, let it sit for about 30 seconds or so and then scrubbed with the brush. I wiped the tiles clean with a towel after scrubbing.

I think my tiles started singing to me. It sounded like a chorus of "Alleluia".

Now, I can tell you with grout is PINK!! :o



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