Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kid's Art Organizing

Mother of the year award?

Hmmm...probably not. This is what I have done with my beloved daughter's art...after it has been taken down off the walls of our kitchen:

A pile...that was on top of the armoire in our playroom.

Not a good thing.

I suppose I am a sentimental mush, but this year is her first year of preschool. The first time she has ever been away from me for more than an hour...ever. And I miss her when she's there. All three hours, three days a week.

I keep her art.

All of it.

And I need a good way to organize it (and keep it forever and ever.

I went to Office Max today, with grandiose plans of making my own art portfolio. I had poster boards in my hands and a plan written up.

And then I passed this:

For $8.99 - less than I would have spent on making my own portfolio.


I organized all of Little Miss's artwork tonight, while I watched television. And, yes, I did get a little misty-eyed when I saw some of those hand-prints.

Simple, and I think I will do this every year with all the little one's school work(s).

Here's is the folder all "stuffed up" and full!

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TexaGermaNadian said...

This is another great idea from you. My mom kept all my art work, I mean ALL of it. And I am 26. I could maybe do this for her this summer when I am back at home :)