Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Baby Gate - Fancified!


As the mother of toddlers, I have these little beauties all ove the house.

I suppose I should be grateful. They have protected my children from harmful things that I leave lying around the house. And, they have protected my things from my children, too.

But...they are SO ugly (and get uglier over time...please reference the lovely electrical tape job in the photo above.)

So, I thought I would "fancify" the gate that is seen as soon as you walk through my front door. The gate to the dining room.

What you need:

Measuring Tape

Box Cutter

Foam Poster Board

Spray Adhesive

Scrapbook Paper


  1. I measured the sides of the baby gate that I wanted to cover up
  2. Using a box cutter, I trimmed the foam poster board to the right size.
  3. Spray adhesive to the poster board.
  4. Stick scrapbook paper to poster board.
  5. Trim scrapbook paper to fit poster board.
  6. Staple gun the poster board to the baby gate on the opposite side than the adjustable arm. 
All Done!


**Word of advice - I used foam poster board. It was a smidge too thick, I think. A regular poster board would work just fine. If you would rather use the foam, you just have to unscrew the gate hinges and re-screw them with the gate in the correct position**

I would love to see your finished project!

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