Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mama, Dada...Doctor?

The Littlests are men of few words...a whole lotta sounds, but few words.

Each and every day, I "work" with them, trying to teach them a new word here and there. I try short words like Ball, Dog, Up, etc. I try words they love like Baby, Milk, Fish, More. I get blank stares or a whole lot of "Ga Goo By Yah Yah!" (With HUGE grins).

Little Miss was at school on Friday. The Littlests were (hold your breath) actually PLAYING in the playroom. I was cleaning up the kitchen. I was also singing "Doctor, Doctor, give me the news..."

BOTH Littlests came absolutely flying into the kitchen yelling, on the top of their lungs..."Doctor, Doctor!" Perfectly. Loudly. Proudly.

I will now sing all of their lessons.

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