Friday, February 18, 2011

From Freezer to Table in 25 Minutes

Tonight's meal is one of my favorites. Has been since I was a kid.

It takes less than 25 minutes from freezer to table.

It tastes great.

Every one of the kiddos will eat it, hubby included. It's called...


What you will need:

2-2.5 punds of ground beef
1 can mushrooms (8 oz), drained
1 packet Au Jus Gravy
1 packet Brown Gravy
2-3 cups water
Steam and Mash Russet Potatoes

Salted Butter
(For the mashed potatoes)

1. Put the potatoes in the microwave according to directions (most are 10 min.)
2. Brown ground beef and drain.
3. Add mushrooms, Au jus and Brown gravy packets.
4. Add 2 - 3 cups water, depending on how thick you want the gravy.
5. Mix well.
6. Simmer on Low-Medium while you make the mashed potatoes.
7. Mash potatoes either according to package instructions or your own taste.
8. Serve SOS (meat mixture) over mashed potatoes.

Prior to mixing together.
 We generally serve this with early peas and a side salad.

It super simple and quick. Tastes fantastic, too.

The cooking goes by quickly because everything seems to line up time-wise. While the potatoes are cooking in the microwave, the beef is browning. While the mix is simmering, the potatoes are being beaten.

And...this makes your kitchen smell Ah-Maze-ing!!!

Bon Appetit!
**Side Note: The Steam and Mash potatoes are truly the BEST thing since sliced bread. They are REAL potatoes...the ingredients are "potatoes, water, some preservative". They taste just like boil and mash potatoes. Here's a picture of them after being steamed and before being mashed:

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