Friday, February 11, 2011

What Does Your Home Smell Like?

My sense of smell has always been high. Not always a good thing with 2 in diapers...

I love the way a smell can transport you to a different place, a different time, a different mood.

For instance, I can still get goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach when I smell my hubby's cologne he wears. Mom's perfume makes me feel as though I am six years old and safe under the watch of my parents. Burning leaves in the air and I'm ready for hot apple cider and a good football game.

At home, I like candles.

In the fall, I love to burn candles that smell of pumpkins, spices and yummy desserts.

In the winter, cozy smells are up there again. Vanilla cookies, banana breads, spices.

In the summer, nothing but clean and crisp! Clean linen, lemons, cucumbers and melons.

In the spring - soft florals (not old lady perfume), berries and citrus.

At night, I always wash with Lavender Vanilla to tempt me right into dreamland. Linen spray is now a necessity when I have "clean sheet night" - a couple of spritzes and bed calls to me.


So, what about you? What does your home smell like today? What smell reminds you of "home"? Do you have special scents for the different times of the year?

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Lauryn said...

Kirklands has some great candles! They have one that is maple maybe? but it has brown sugar in the name and it is awesomeeeee! i love it! And I love all those smells you mentioned at those times of years! I love love love yankee candle! They also have two new fragrences : Pink Sands, and Midnight Oasis, which kinda reminds me of a sexy guy smell. love it.